James "Jim" Gonzales


Nianhezi "Priscilla" Liu

Wedding Party

Guoying Liu 刘国瑛

Father of the Bride

"Guo Zi," as Priscilla endearingly calls him, has always been her protector, supporter, and hero since day one. Loving, funny, and intelligent, Guo Zi taught Priscilla the virtue of knowledge and inspires her to venture out in the world and explore the great unknown. He knows everything, from history, economics, to current events, international relations, and literature. Every day at lunch, Guo Zi would tell Priscilla a different story that shaped her way of thinking critically as an individual.


Liqiong He 何丽琼

Mother of the Bride

"Sao Sao," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has always been her rock, best friend, and inspiration since day one. Kind, caring, and free-spirited, Sao Sao taught Priscilla the virtue of generosity and compassion, and to always have a smile on her face regardless of rain or shine. She is full of joy and optimism, and always poses for photos in ways that no supermodel in the world can compete with.


Noriel Adrias Gonzales

Father of the Groom

Jim's Papa sacrificed a lot to provide for his family. He always has jokes up his sleeves, and knows to make everyone around him laugh. He took Jim to the swap meet as early as 5am to sell his collectibles and toys, which instilled the value of hard work and dedication in him early on. Papa would sing Jim lullabies when he couldn't sleep. He taught Jim that it's the small things in life that matters, and this has helped pave the way for Jim to be the man he is today. Papa can also make delicious champorado and palabok.

吉姆的爸爸为了家庭牺牲了很多。他总是有很多笑话可讲,能让周围的人都哈哈大笑。他早上5点钟就带着小吉姆去二手市场卖他的收藏品和玩具,很早就教会了吉姆勤劳和奉献的价值。他爸爸在吉姆睡不着的时候会给他唱摇篮曲。 他教导吉姆生活中平常的小事才是最珍贵的,让吉姆成为了他今天的样子。爸爸做的巧克力粥和烩米粉也特别好吃。

Gloria Martinez Gonzales

Mother of the Groom

Jim's Mama immigrated to the US in hope for a better life for her children. She took care of her four sons, at times when the father was deployed in the Navy. She is the hardest worker Jim knows, and is always making sure the family is well fed. Jim's favorite dishes are her kare kare and lumpia. She also makes sure that everyone who steps in our house leaves with their stomach full.


Xi Chen 陈曦

Maid of Honor

"CC," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has been her best friend since they first met in military camp in high school. CC has been Priscilla's longest confidant who always gives her nothing but comfort, support, and wisdom. They love making jokes out of everything, especially the most seemingly boring things. Despite their distance apart, CC always makes Priscilla laugh out loud from across the Pacific.

和子亲切地叫陈曦 CC, 有时候大CC. 从高中军训认识起她就是和子最好的朋友。CC一直是和子的最佳倾听者,给她安慰、支持、智慧。她们能把每件事都开成玩笑,特别是那些看似最让人无语的。尽管距离遥远,CC总能在大洋彼岸让和子开怀大笑。

Adela Zhang 阿黛拉


"Kai Tui," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has been one of her best friends since they became roommates in college. They've been through thick and thin together during the Smith years, but always prevailed through laughter, poetic cynicism, and late-night Campus Center junk food and Little Smithies. Kai Tui is one of the most creative and fun people Priscilla knows, always showing everyone a good time.


Chu Wu 吴楚


"Meine Lieblingschuchu," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has been one of her favorite karaoke and dance buddies since they became housemates in college. Talented, thoughtful, and chock-full of hilarious sarcasm, Chu and her company are a great source of joy for Priscilla through the ups and downs of emerging adulthood.


Yiwen Zhu 朱亦文


"Silby," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, is like a little sister she had at Smith. One class year below Priscilla, Silby is always the person with whom she can make fools out of themselves, whether it's taking dumb selfies or drunk eating pizza. She is also incredibly smart and gives Priscilla a fresh set of eyes for anything she needs. Priscilla always feels at home when she is around Silby.


Jinjin Huang 黄金金


"Xiao Jin" or a butchered Cantonese version of that, as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has been the adventurous explorer who is up for anything with Priscilla. Hiking, running, eating, partying, and then wanting to leave already to go to McDonald's. Jinjin is spontaneous, spirited, and can laugh with Priscilla about every single thing on and out of the planet.


Sui Ye 叶帅


The incident that bonded Sui and Priscilla was a painful one. At least for Sui. Long story short, Priscilla ran over Sui's left foot with her car. Since then, there was never a dull moment between them. They worked together in Miami, then lived together in San Francisco (with Jinjin, together they are "Homeless in SF"). Sui and Priscilla lift each other up and keep each other grounded, all while having the times of their lives regardless, singing Bohemian Rhapsody together out of the blue.

西北让和子和叶帅相遇,而著名的「小红车碾脚」事件则让她们不弃前嫌、相依为命。她们一起在迈阿密共事,又到了三藩和小金共处一窝,登遍了三藩所有的小山坡,成就了闻名天下的“落魄三藩”。和子和叶帅彼此鼓励、互为盟友、双双堕落、时不时来一首Bohemian Rhapsody,终日不知天高地厚。

Tiejin Zhang 张铁巾


“Little Iron," as Priscilla endearingly calls her, has always been a warm refreshing breeze in Priscilla's life. Bright (both in disposition and in intelligence), thoughtful, and knows exactly what to say at any given time, Tiejin never fails to make Priscilla feel loved and grateful that someone like Tiejin exists in her world.


Joshua Gonzales

Best Man

"Bibi," as Jim would call him, is his youngest brother, but has grown to be the stand-up man. He's the first teammate Jim chooses in basketball. He is always cracking jokes and smiling, bringing much joy to Jim's and Priscilla's lives. Bibi inspires Jim to be fit and healthy through his active mindest and healthy lifestyle. Jim can always count on Bibi to look over the family when he is not there.


Gabriel Gonzales


"Nonoy," as Jim would call him, is his second youngest brother. Jim spent most of his childhood with Nonoy because they share hobbies like skateboarding, playing in the canyon, and playing Super Smash Brothers. Jim and Nonoy love trying different cuisines and have traveled together to cities domestic and abroad. Nonoy's maturity and perspectives have propelled Jim to new heights.


Noriel M. Gonzales


"Kuya Yel," as Jim would call him, is his oldest brother. He is the brother Jim has gotten into fights with the most, yet he has positively shaped Jim's life the most. He is full of joy and kindness, and is always joking around (at times too much), but Jim can turn to him in times of need. Kuya Yel is also a brilliant Chinese chef. Jim and Priscilla love his food, especially his biang biang noodles.

吉姆叫他的大哥“Kuya Yel”。他是吉姆最频繁的打架对手,但也是给吉姆生命中最多积极影响的人。他充满快乐和善良,也老是爱开玩笑(有时候太多玩笑),但吉姆总能在有难时依靠他。Kuya Yel也是一个很会做中国菜的大厨。吉姆和和子特别喜欢他做的菜,特别是油泼辣子biang biang面。

Jeimylo Martinez


"Jmy," as Jim would call him, is his cousin, but almost like a little brother who lives abroad. Jim thinks of Jmy as one of the kindest and most thoughtful people he knows. During their times together, Jmy and Jim are venturing into new terrorities and dreaming of the future. Jmy actually wrote a book dedicated to Jim, that Jim cherishes deeply. It's the best gift Jim has ever received.


Nick Kauler


Nick has been Jim's best friend since third grade. Not many people have friendships this long. Nick is always there to get Jim out of trouble (as shown in this picture). Jim looks up to Nick and thinks of him as a role model. He had a lot of sleepovers at Nick's house (only four houses down), where Nick introduced Jim to his first R-rated movie, Euro Trip, while they ate homademade dishes by Nick's dad, one of the best cooks Jim knows.


Jason McGovern


"Jay," as Jim would call him, is his partner in crime. They are always getting into shenanigans together, from climibing hundred-foot trees, to cliff jumping. One of Jim's fondest memories of Jason was hanging out with him almost every day one summer, blasting music, surfing, swimming, and going out to eat. Just having a good time. Jim can always count on Jason to be there for him.


Martin Baltazar


Martin, in a way, is a brother from another mother to Jim. It's a love-hate relationship at times. Mostly love though. They share a lot of the same values, ambitions, and dreams. Regardless of where they are, they can have the time of their lives, even if it's at Panera. Three seconds left on the clock, Jim is passing it to Martin for the game winner, every time. Martin is very close with Jim's family as well.

Susan Moyal