James "Jim" Gonzales


Nianhezi "Priscilla" Liu


Red Envelope 红包

Jim and Priscilla do not have a gift registry. Instead, they will follow Chinese customs and would greatly appreciate any monetary gifts (whether in a red envelope or not) to help with their honeymoon and future home.


Honeymoon Fund 蜜月基金

Jim and Priscilla are going to Japan for their honeymoon!! 🇯🇵🍣🍤🍜🍙 If you prefer to contribute directly to our honeymoon registry, please do so through this link. Thank you for your contribution in making our Japan adventures unforgettable!

吉姆和和子要去日本度蜜月咯!🇯🇵🍣🍤🍜🍙 如果你想直接帮助我们的蜜月旅行,请点击以下链接。谢谢你们的慷慨,让我们的日本之行更加难忘!
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Susan Moyal