James "Jim" Gonzales


Nianhezi "Priscilla" Liu


Celebrating our special day with a kumayan style feast! November 1, 2018
Christmas in San Diego, December 2018
Priscilla's graduate school graduation, December 2017
Route 66 Trip - Amarillo, TX
Yosemite Camping Trip 2018
Jim's family visiting us in SF, June 2018
Disneyland! March, 2017
The night we got engaged in New Orleans! October, 2018
Grand Canyon, September 2016
Hiking in Kauai, December 2017
Mary's baby shower, October 2018
La Jolla with Charlie
Willis Tower, Floor 93, September 2016.
Kauai, December 2017.
Stone Mountain with Priscilla's family, October 2018
Hiking Mt. Tam, December 2017
Big Island, December 2017
Biking/Hiking to see active lava flow in Big Island, December 2017
Wine tasting in Napa, August 2018
Triton 5k, April 2016
Making lumpia with Silby, December 2015
Chilling with Lina and Charlie, January 2017
Visiting Ate Rose in Philly, July 2016
End of our Route 66 Trip, September 2016
Priscilla's grad school graduation, December 2017
Beach BBQ with Papa Dan, Tita Ron, and Manot, July 2016
Celebrating Jim's birthday, May 2018
First time traveling together - Boston, November 2015
Snowboarding in Tahoe, 2019
Boba with Jim's family and Priscilla's mom, December 2017
Roommates, and Kozo, November 2018
Coca-Cola Factory, October 2018
Horseshoe Bend, September 2016
Chilling at Golden Gate Park, September 2017
Hiking Mt. Diablo, April 2018
Sunset Cliffs
Visiting The Office building!
Morton Arboretum, November 2016
La Jolla with Ate Niel, Carl, and Manot, April 2017
Scuba diving in Key Largo, August 2017
Little Italy in Boston, November 2015
Antelope Canyon, September 2016
Cabin 2 is 🔥, Lake Tahoe, 2019
Jim's first half marathon, April 2018
Miami, August 2017
Baker Beach, June 2018.
WeWork Awards Ceremony
Santa Monica with Ate Niel, Carl, and Manot, April 2017
Death Valley, March 2016
Valentine's Day, February 2016
First road trip together to San Francisco, November 2015
Celebrating Jim's graduation! June, 2016
Small Friendsgiving with just the roommates, and Jennifer hehe. November, 2018.
Hot pot for Priscilla's birthday, June 2018
A 12k run together, June 2018
Voodoo Festival 2018
Cotapaxi Questival, September 2018
Wine tasting in Napa, August 2018
We're on top of the world! March, 2018
LACMA, April 2017
Hiking with Mama, Lina, and Charlie
Outside Lands, October 2018
Cubs game at Wrigley, May 2017
Sneak attack on my ice cream
Easter celebration, March 2016
Bulls vs. Warriors, November 2015
Beauty masks together 😝
Susan Moyal