James "Jim" Gonzales


Nianhezi "Priscilla" Liu

James "Jim" Gonzales and Nianhezi "Priscilla" Liu

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Our Story 我们的故事

The odds were against Jim and Priscilla ever meeting. Jetlag, travel plans that made way more sense, someone else booking Jim's Airbnb on that one free day of the month, or Jim not starting Airbnb at all. However, on May 24, 2015, the stars were aligned for these two. Priscilla, along with her parents, checked into Jim's "Clean Minimalist" Airbnb in San Diego. It wasn't love at first sight. Their first encounter could be characterized as courteous, mellow, and very brief. They exchanged pleasantries and then Priscilla left to enjoy her first, and what she'd thought, only day in San Diego. After she departed for the rest of her California road trip the next day, Jim decided to take a gamble and texted Priscilla. "What's there to lose?" he thought to himself.

回头看吉姆和和子的相遇其实概率很低很低。倒时差、更合理的旅行安排、那个月唯一空缺的一天的吉姆Airbnb被别人预定,又或者吉姆根本没办Airbnb。但是,在2015年5月24日,天时地利人和。和子和她的父母入住了吉姆的“干净简洁 Airbnb”。他们俩并不是一见钟情。第一次见面更可以说是彬彬有礼、柔和、且十分短暂。他们俩简单寒暄了几句,和子就出发开始了她在圣地亚哥的第一天,也是她当时以为的唯一一天。第二天和子就离开了圣地亚哥去继续他们的加州自驾游。和子走后,吉姆决定冒个险给她发信息。“发个信息又何妨呢?”他想。

That text was the beginning of thousands of, maybe tens of thousands of messages between them for the next 30 days. When they finally met again 31 days later, it was like they were meeting for the first time all over again, but this time under a completely different circumstance. Showing up at Priscilla's doorstep in West LA, Jim felt butterflies in his stomach and could only hope the night would go as he'd planned. It didn't. But that first date story is for another time for the truly curious.


Thus started their 2.5-year long distance relationship. Priscilla lived in four different cities during that period of time: Los Angeles, Chicago, briefly in Miami, and San Francisco. Each of these cities was respectively a 2-hour drive, 4-hour flight, 5-hour flight, and 8-hour drive from San Diego. But the distance was never the problem. If anything, it made every reunion that much more special and their bond even stronger. They traveled together, ate together, laughed together, and cried together. Jim and Priscilla saw each other every weekend, then every month, and finally in January 2018, Jim moved in with Priscilla in San Francisco.


Nine months later, inside a sweet little Airbnb in New Orleans, Jim logged into the platform that initially connected him and Priscilla out of millions of people. In his original Airbnb message thread, he messaged Priscilla for the first time since she'd requested to book his room over three years ago. He told her how lucky he was to have met her and how happy he was to have traveled to so many places with her. Jim then walked down the stairs, only to meet a perplexed Priscilla at the bottom of the staircase as she was about to run up. He got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen, and asked, "Will you travel the world with me... Will you marry me?"

九个月之后,在新奥尔良的一个可爱的小Airbnb里,吉姆再次登陆上了那个在百万人海里把他与和子联结在一起的平台。在他与和子最开始的Airbnb对话里,他给和子发了一段感天动地的文字。这是自她三年多前申请预定他的Airbnb以来,吉姆第一次在这里给她发信息。他告诉和子他遇见她有多幸运,他有多幸福能和她一起周游各地。随后吉姆走下楼,就在楼底下撞上了正要跑上去的一头雾水的和子。他单膝下跪,掏出了她见过最美丽的钻戒,问道:“你愿意跟我周游世界吗…… 你愿意嫁给我吗?”
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